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High capacity crop carriers, built for years of forage crop handling. All lumber used in forage box construction is highquality and pressure treated. Many heavy duty features at critical areas on both forage box and head assembly make the Stoltzfus Forage Box rugged and virtually maintenance free.Choice of four heavy duty running gear: Model 08, 10, 12, or 14.


Forage Box1.) The hydraulic head assembly is designed to be compact for low maintenance. Heavy duty low speed high torque motor eliminates one step down in gear reduction. Three hydraulic motors power cross conveyor, beater assembly and apron chain. The system features beater cut-off valve, variable speed control valve, forward, reverse and neutral safety control valve. Simple hydraulic hook-up to tractor hydraulic system with 15 gallons per minute.

2.) Front section of head assembly has 12 gauge extended top: remaining assembly is 10 gauge metal. Heavy duty bottom is bolted on and is removable for maintenance. Discharge cross conveyor has heavy 662 pintle chain with welded on heavy duty slats and 1” drive shaft. Chain tightener adjustments are on discharge side. Cross conveyor is high enough to clear most makes of blowers eliminating the need for cross conveyor extension.

Forage Box3.) On the other side of assembly head or opposite end of cross conveyor is a spring loaded clean out door which opens under pressure.

4.) Bottom and middle beaters have a 4 bar construction on a 1 ¼” shaft 14” x 1” tines welded on the bars. Top beater has 2”double strength pipe and 1 ¼” shafts and is mounted in self aligning bearings. Top tines are tapered 3/16” x 18” long and positioned equally in a spiral configuration. The top beater is mounted further back to keep material from spilling over the front see-through safety guard.


Hay Tedder

1.) Increase hay crop value with faster drying time
2.) Exclusive no cam chain drive operation, quiet and smooth running for years of trouble free service
3.) Ball bearings and oil impregnated bronze brushing with attached grease fittings
4.) All chains and belts shielded

           Weight: 720 pounds
            Raking width: 7 feet
            Overall length: 106 inches
            Overall width: 118 inches
            Wheels: 14” x 5” LB, rims 4 bolt hubs
            PTO drive
            50 rubber mounted tines, alternately spaced on each reel bar for better fluffing action

Hydraulic Heavy Duty Bale Wagon

High capacity crop carriers, built for years of forage crop handling.

Welded steel tubing construction with tandem axle for rough terrain & weight distribution. Many heavy duty features at critical areas on both running gear and pickup & unload assembly make the Stoltzfus Bale Wagon rugged and virtually maintenance free.

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Custom Metal Welding
Custom Metal WeldingCustom Metal WeldingCustom Metal Welding

Special Design Features:

Hydraulic Unit & Controls

Shown with 13 hp. Honda engine to power all hydraulics for bale pickup & placement on wagon, as well as tilting bed for unloading. Also available without power unit. Hydraulic couplers are available for your own power unit.

Bale Pickup
Heavy steel tubing with adjustable opening width to accommodate different diameter bales. Picks up & drops bale onto wagon bed for transport to storage area.

Hydraulic Bale Bed
Hydraulic bale bed lifts for easy unloading of bales at storage area. Provides uniform placement of bales for storage

Hydraulic Cylinders
Hydrualic cylinders control the pickup arm for loading bales, also the lift arm of the bed for unloading.

Bale Push Arm
The bale push arm hydraulically pushes each bale back on the bed for easy placement of next bale.